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Paul Okoye is an author, a social crusader, a political analyst, and an economic and financial commentator. After a brief stint in academic, music and business world in Nigeria he resettled in this part of geographical divide called Italy in the city of Bologna. On arrival in Italy he became an activist in the fight for Italian immigrants. As a social crusader his defence for the common man especially the less privileged has led him to numerous confrontation with the powers that be. He has severally paid severe prices for his avowed conviction and belief in the course of justice. His life has been tempted for what he believes in but Paul has remained steadfast. His experiences are the subject of the upcoming book, Memoirs of the Untold Persecution.

As an economic and financial commentator Paul has participated in numerous conferences and workshops including the united nation’s workshop on remittance organized by IFAD. As a social critique Paul writes for many journals, both online and traditional. His book titled, “How safe is our investment” (Rethinking a pathway for a dynamic economic environment) was published in the United Kingdom in Oct. 2014.

Paul Okoye is from the eastern part of Niger – precisely Awkuzu, in Anambra state of Nigeria. Born in the city of Onitsha to moderate parents, he was educated at St Raphael’s Catholic School and Boy’s Secondary School, Awkuzu, during which he was transformed by the radical teachings of his dean of study, Mr. Obadiegwu. Trained in business administration in the United Kingdom, United States and Switzerland, he holds a BBA from London, a PGD from Zurich, and an MBA from the University of Wales.